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kudos to you

It's still hard to make this kind of stuff. the animation was very well done, and it followed the sound perfectly. The sound wasn't crispy or bad quality either.
The only minor point I have to say is just a personal thing, but i never found the english voices (especially the dialogs) much fun in the DBZ series.
Nevertheless, the animation was very good, and that is what counts.

aaaah, the memories

the laughs, the countless sleepless nights... I had a lot of fun with that series. Why i only recently whiped out MI3 and played it nonstop. What's even better, they gonna make a MI5 (yay). Anyways, i liked this movie, the only troubling thing was the sound, but i just turned my sound down.
I totally agree with that collection idea :)

But who's that big joly white fella on the end of the movie????


AYB used to be funny, but now it's over.

Besides, this is stolen. this was posted AGES ago, and the mail and site featured in the movie is completly different then yours.

make your own damn stuff, lazy bastard.

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Very poor copy from the Mausland games. No now gameplay elements added or anything. Controls are very stiff

So what's the use of the mushroom you get early in the level? You don't get one after that, so other than a light hue-change it doesn't do anything?

rhys510 responds:

It slows down time :)
and the blue one reverses controls
if you didn't notice them doing anything i will check, it might be bugged

The game itself is somewhat fun. It's a bit hard at times, you need a lot of luck, but nothing that you can't overcome. You can either be promoted by making it to the top, or by filling the quota.

What bothers me the most is that whenever the game decides to promote your other games or the mobile version, you don't get the reward from that particular run. I have lost quite a bit of good runs this way.
When self-promotion is hindering the progress of a game, that makes me want to stop playing that game.

AlexVsCoding responds:

Huh! I haven't spotted that bug before, I'll give it another check over, really appreciate the spot if that is the case since that'll be affecting other platforms as well! Glad you enjoyed the game otherwise.

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